The Process of the Journey

“I have learnt that every gift of ours has its time and season so use them well while you have the grace to. When the time comes for one gift to fade and give room for another, let it go and just be…”  

Those were some of the first words taken from my interview with Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama for our Bodyfidence feature in the March edition. It was one of many quotes that the talented actress shared in a chat that centred around daring to love one’s self fully. It was one of many reasons why, when it came time to pick the star of this issue, her name was met with literally not one opposition. It is also one of the reasons why she is so greatly – albeit still newly – celebrated. Her words ring so true. She appears wise beyond her years and as self-assured as we aspire to be. This is a woman who is in tune with self and world alike.

Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama has proven over a number of years, that whatever role she takes on, big or small, straight or quirky, funny or dramatic, she will give it her all. Oftentimes stealing the show! From her role in the ever-so-popular web-series Gidi Up, to her critically acclaimed role as Dr. Ada, one of the brave medical practitioners who sacrificed their own wellbeing in order to ensure that Lagos was saved from the deadly Ebola virus, in 93 Days; one cannot doubt the quality of this woman’s work!

But there’s even more to Somkele than the diverse roles she plays. She is also a businesswoman, heading the Nigerian branch of the very popular swimwear brand, Andrea Iyamah – from whence all the killer swimwear featured on these pages came! Though this is our second conversation, I am still yet to meet this force of a woman, a fact that I (and I’m probably alone) find interesting simply because as a fan of hers, I feel like when I finally do meet her, I’d be hard-pressed to not act like she were an old friend. Even over email, she has a way of putting you at ease and trusting that whichever way the conversation goes, you’re going to come out inspired – unintentionally or otherwise.



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