Who doesn’t love them some Rihanna??

She’s not only known for her amazing musical talents but also her risk taking in fashion. Rihanna has been on the tip of everyone’s tongues from her fashion line to her make up line to her charitable foundations. With LFDW up ahead, we’d be diving into some of her best looks to give some inspiration.

Here are some of our favorite looks from Rihanna:

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds got me dancing. could you pull this off?

Yellow is always a good idea….

Nothing wrong with a little black dress….

She looks like the prettiest girl scout

Casual Slay

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The Art doesn’t wear her, She wears it

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Balenciaga…. Balenciaga…..

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Knee Highs and Denim

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Fringe is always a good idea

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Pretty Lady in Pink

What are your best looks?

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