If we were to name some of the top stylists in Nigeria, Jane Michael Ekanem would be no stranger to that list. Young, witty and beautiful. Jane is responsible for styling A-listers like Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade and Chidinma Ekile. She has also worked with tons of media companies and has been the in-house stylist for Project Fame for many years. This Valentine, she considers the gift of genuine love the most valuable gift she has ever received.

-Torera Idowu

If you weren’t a stylist and designer, you would be?
I would probably have been a dancer.

On your fashion day off, what do you look like?
A tank top and shorts would be my outfit of choice.

Besides your gorgeous legs what are your favourite body parts?
My nose and my dentition.

What is your favourite Valentine’s day memory?
I can’t remember, but that may be because I have never seen Valentine’s day as a significance of love.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kelly Rowland.

What is Valentine’s day like for you?
It is like every other day for me. When I can get a break from work, I get gifts and send to not just my lover but close friends and family.

What brings you the greatest satisfaction? (Anything besides taking off your bra a long day. Haha)

An accomplished day is the best thing ever

Who was your childhood hero?

My dad; but if he could be compared to any cartoon hero, he would be my Voltron and Super Ted.

What did you always dream of becoming?
As a child, I wanted to be a lawyer, but as I grew up I just wanted to be rich!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
A good name is worth more than silver and gold.

Who do you love to follow on instagram ? (Besides @ genevievemagazine of course!)
Any Instagram handle with fashion buzz, any Instagram handle that challenges me to be better than my current situation.

If you had an exclusive dinner party which top 5 people would be on your guest list
I know my man will be on the list of course and then Bolaji Salami with the people closest and dearest to me at the time.

What is the most important lesson your personal journey has taught you about success?
To be patient, persevering, persistent; to aspire, to achieve and to inspire.

Top 3 things you’re passionate about are?

My job (because I absolutely love what I do), family and humanity.

What do you love to do when you are alone?
I love to strategise; make plans on how to keep growing as a person and business woman.

Describe entrepreneurship in Nigeria?

Doing what you love and being patient with it. There are so many facilities, or the lack of, that would hold you back and it can be quite discouraging but because it is your passion you tend to overlook those things and watch your business grow to be successful.

My personality in 3 words
Perfectionist, goal-getter, meticulous.

What is the most valuable gift you have ever received?
The gift of genuine love

What do you know now that you wish you knew 5 years ago?
I wish I was a little more selfish 5 years ago, but as much I wish that, I am still thankful to be as selfless as I am.

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