Who is Niniola Apata?
N: A proud yoruba girl from ilejemeje in Ekiti State, born and
brought up in Lagos State. I love music, I love to sing and
dance. I’m very playful, down to earth, and love all the
good things of life.

How has it been building a career in music in
N: Well to be honest, (in 2face’s voice) omo if them tell you
say e easy na set up! I must confess it’s not as easy as I
thought when I was coming in – it’s serious work, although
my team has helped me simplify it. But overall we always
thank God for where we are now, because nothing will
work out without Him.

What other projects are you currently
working on?
N: I currently run my own scholarship program called Adopt
A Child’s Education, where I have two students currently
on full scholarships that will take them through secondary
school. They are currently in JS 3.

What is the most valuable advice you have
ever received?

N: To never give up and always fight till the end.

N: How would you define your style?
I would define my style as comfortable.

Favourite designer?
N: I really don’t have any. If it fits/works I like it…

Weirdest thing in your handbag?
N: Honestly, nothing. Everything there is meant to be there.


M: Singing, playing games on my phone and now soccer,
because everyone on my team is an Arsenal fan. They
have forced me o.

Dream holiday spot?
N: Greece

Favourite perfume?
N: Oh that would be One Million by Paco Rabanne

Favourite food?
N: iyan and ila asapo

Highest point?
N: I don’t have one yet because I am still going up. So for
now, no. but if I had to say something, I guess that would
be when i signed with Kobalt Music.

Lowest point?
N: That would be when I couldn’t pay to make one of my
singles. My team had to bail me out and since then we
have never looked back!

Pet peeves?
N: Liars

Books or movies?

What would you spend your last N1,000 on?
N: Ribena and Red Oaks plaintain chips (pepper).

Fondest childhood memory?
N: When I used to dance for my late dad and he would record
me and play it for his friends…

Three things no one knows about Niniola?
N: No one ke? At least one person will know na.. I am an
introvert, I don’t drink (alcohol), I don’t smoke.


The most important thing on your bucket
N: To win a Grammy…

Who inspires you?
N: God and my mum

What are your ambitions?
N: To be very successful in my career and to be in a
position to help a whole lot of people.

One valuable lesson you have learnt
working in your industry?
N: That hardwork pays and always trust in God…

If you had a chance, whose wardrobe
would you raid?
N: Thats a long list o, you might have to beg me to
stop… but Beyonce is number one.

Oldest clothing item in your wardrobe?
N: That will be some of my belts. I love belts

Craziest rumour you have ever
heard about yourself?
N: Honestly none

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