Adulthood leads to a lot of things: further studies, work, starting families and inevitably moving away. People you grew up seeing everyday become acquaintances you see once in a blue moon. This also applies to siblings. Those people who you made memories with growing up often move far away and with time, relationships become strained. Days turn into months and years and before you know it, your childhood best friend has become a stranger.


This doesn’t have to be so, however. With a few easy steps, you can keep your adult siblings close to home and heart.


  • Call: This seems like an obvious choice, but you’d be surprised how infrequently some siblings speak in adulthood. It’s even a running joke that some brothers and sisters don’t speak until it is time to bury a parent. To avoid this, schedule period calls. This is preferably done once or so a week on the weekends. Siblings that are really close even talk every day in some cases. Beforehand, write down all the topics you want to discuss so as to avoid having nothing to say when the time comes.


  • Video chat: There is nothing like actually seeing a person’s face when you speak. It gives a great sense of on a one-on-one conversation and is just sweet in itself. Schedule a video call periodically so as to avoid the ‘You’ve changed so much since i last saw you’ conversation when you meet up in person.

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  • Send voice notes: Voice notes are one of the best modern inventions. This is because they are done in real time. Everyone who uses Whatsapp can attest to the excitement of seeing a voice note in their timeline ad rushing to find a pair of head phones to listen. Send regular voice notes to your sibling. It could be at work, school or even on your way home. It could be about something your co-worker just did that annoyed you, the cute guy you just saw or any random thing. It gives you both a sense of being a part of each other’s day.


  • Chat: With free unlimited chatting, there is no excuse not to communicate, at least from time to time. Send messages, funny videos, pictures, gifs and anything else that tickles your fancy.

  • Plan outings: A spa trip, a lunch or even a movie. Make it a point of duty to see each other at least once in a certain period of time depending on how close or far you live to each other.

Sibling relationships don’t have to die as you get older. Keep the love alive by interacting regularly with your sibling.

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