Cape Dresses are one of the most unconventional types of dresses- they’re dresses with actual, literal capes on them. They are very eye-catching and carry a lot of fabric on them. They are very versatile in that they can be used for both daytimes and can also work as a dramatic nighttime look. There are a number of ways to wear cape dresses, some of which are detailed below:

1. Dramatic daytime: cape dresses work very well on bold colors and can be easily worn during the daytime. The trick is to wear it with a bare neckline I.e no necklaces or thing that will draw any attention away from the cape itself.

2. Half-length: capes can take on various lengths including half-length which stops at the lower back. This look is appropriate for daytime and can also work for the night.

3. Full-length capes: this is best suited for night and us the most dramatic of them all. A red carpet favorite, this look will take center stage at an evening event.

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