There’s a saying that if you can survive in Lagos, you can survive anywhere!! From the noise pollution right to the traffic. Here’s the first timer’s guide for navigating the fastest growing city in the world!


Understanding Lagos traffic is simple once you get a hang of it but it can also be very unpredictable, especially when churches throw their monthly conventions or a VIP needs to block off an entire route to get to their destination. As a standard, 5am-10am as well as 4pm-7:30pm are rush hour periods from Monday to Friday. The traffic updates on popular radio stations can easily help you navigate your way through this busy city. Unfortunately a lot of productive time will be spent in traffic….very unfortunate. Time management becomes your biggest skill: if you have an appointment for 8am, 5am is the safest time to leave home; depending on where you live of course.


One beautiful thing about Lagos is the wide range of food available, just waiting to sit right on your palettes. From our diverse local cuisine all the way to Vietnamese, you will be spoilt for choice. Even street food is the most dangerous option, sometimes laced with bacteria that could lead to food poisoning and other ailments, you probably don’t know the name of. But hey! You live only once. P.S you have to try ewa aganyin and Agege bread to be a certified Lagosian.


If you want to live in Lagos, getting a car should be your priority. If you don’t own a car, a taxi is the next best option but the bills can pile up pretty fast. You might decide to be a perpetual hitchhiker with a friend who owns a vehicle as the other highly unappealing option, which is the yellow Buses and Tricycles might leave you with a terrible backache and may leave you wondering. If only for a moment you’re wondering, if you’re on the set of a Fast and Furious movie. Another great tip for a stress-free journey with the Buses is carrying money in smaller denominations. And remember to collect your change at the of the journey.


Getting a flat in Lagos might be by far one of the most stressful endeavours in life. Most agents are looking for ways to milk off all your cash and you’ll be shocked at the cost of housing in even the remote areas. You’ll suddenly have a newfound appreciation for even the most decrepit houses. Our tips is to get a trusted agent, pay a small registration fee and hunt until you get what you’re looking for. The top things to look out for are: water, security and flooding problems.


Food shopping might upset you depending on where you’re coming from. If you are not streetwise or accustomed to haggling, simply go to the supermarket or do it online. If you wish to experience the thrill of shopping for groceries in the local markets, or bargaining, drop your phone at the door please. The average Lagosian trader will milk more money from you for speaking better than them. It will be assumed you must have money to spend. Our advice: learn a little pidgin English. It is the only language in Nigeria that breaks ethnic barriers. The traders can look and say “indeed this is one of us”.


Lagos is an incredibly exciting place if your goal is to be entertained. From owambe parties to shows that happen very often. There is a never ending list of Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, lounges, Parties, Shows to attend. There is simply not a dull moment. This is the headquarters of entertainment in Africa so if you have dreams of becoming a superstar. Lagos is a great place to launch your career. If you have made up your mind to live this dynamic city, you have chosen well. You will eventually find beauty and laughter in things that might initially irk you. Best of all, you will survive. Welcome to Lagos.

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