Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Lagos is the third most stressful city in the world. Go figure! The study was carried out by Zipjet a UK based company. I mean though, I’m a bit surprised Lagos didn’t emerge first in this infamous study. The stress in Lagos is Insane! Literally everything can stress you out in Lagos, that’s including just thinking about Lagos! Ugh! Truth is, I have always lived in Lagos, all my life has been in Lagos, I love Lagos, the energy is amazing, the experiences are priceless, it’s the city that toughens you up, If you have a dream, Lagos will teach you to hustle till this dream becomes a reality.

Stress is a part of Lagos, that will probably never change, the only thing we can do is find ways to manage this stress so it doesn’t get the better of us. Here are a few things we can do to manage the day to day stress of commuting on the roads of Lagos.

  • Tip One: Work as close to your home as possible; the biggest cause of Lagos stress is traffic, if you reduce the amount of traffic you face commuting from work to home, then half your Lagos stress problem is solved.

  • Tip Two: Don’t get into arguments with Bus drivers, conductors or fellow commuters on the road. It will not just drain your energy but also waste your time and you’d probably end up looking just as stupid as them.

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  • Tip Three: Always carry extra cash when going out. There’s nothing more depressing than being stranded in Lagos. No one would want to hear your story, and whatever stress you think you’re facing will literally double when money becomes a problem.

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  • Tip Four: Music is a life saver! Wearing ear plugs and listening to music can reduce your Lagos-stress level in half as it helps you zone out of all the chaos going on around you.

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  • Tip Five: Always anticipate a delay. If you have somewhere important to get to, please be sure to create an allowance of about 30 minutes to 1 hour for yourself, because if it’s not traffic, it’ll probably be VIO (vehicle Inspector Officers) or a bunch of cows crossing the road. Creating that buffer will save you the stress of getting to your appointment late and all.


  • Tip Six: If you’re not sure how to get to your destination, ask questions. Lagosians are always super-eager to help with directions. Make sure you ask multiple people though, incase the first person is sounding a bit confused.

Lagos can be a great place to live if you get a hang of managing all its stressful complexities. Be sure to put down tips that help you survive in Lagos in the comment section to help a fellow Lagosian.

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Eko o ni baje oh!

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