For most people, summer is over or coming to an end, everyone seems to be prepping for fall, swimsuits are being tucked away, new autumn themed clothing are being bought and people are gradually moving from sandals into boots, but for us on the other hand, we’re just getting this party started.

Let’s be very honest with ourselves, or as we used to say in elementary school “say the truth, let the devil be ashamed”, we didn’t have a ‘summer’ because for us, July is the peak of the rainy season, who while summer meant bikinis and sun block for other people, it meant umbrellas and wellies for us, well for those of us who stayed here for the holiday that is. So we sat indoor watching the rain,scrolling through our instagram watching everyone talk about the Sun and swimming, and all things sunny but now, dry season is finally upon us yaaaaaaaas.

Now we can enjoy all the many things the comes with summer. Funny enough, here in Nigeria, it’s basically sunny all year round, and just when other people finally get sun, we get rain. Oh well *shrugs*.

Here at Genevieve, we decided to bring together three beautiful and talented women with different body types to tackle two very interesting topics, one being earlier stated, the fact that we are finally coming into the beauty of our own summer, and another being that you can, you should, and you will rock a bomb ass swimsuit no matter your body type. You are beautiful in every single way, I have no idea where that inspirational tone came from but we are going to roll with it either way.

Here, we have our three Genevieve women wearing three different swimsuit styles, giving us a bucket load of ideas on what to add to our swimsuit collection.


Tv personality Tallulah Glossy is giving us some bright colours with this yellow and blue one piece, a very simple design actually, but you know as they say, less is definitely more. This is a swimwear design that most people opt for, not a lot of people are comfortable with two pieces and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but what is mostly portrayed to women is that you can only look hot in a bikini, like my mother says, “lie from the pit of hell”

Next we have Ifeoma Odogwu, Fashion and style consultant and fashion editor with this very interesting orange two piece. It’s bright, it’s sexy and it’s interestingly different. It has this clean blend of vintage and modern, the bottom reminds me a lot of those vintage swimsuits, you know the high waisted ones that defined the 60s, yup those ones, and the top is an example of the new trend shaking the two piece swimwear scene.

Now, we have Idia Aisen, model and talk show host among many other things rocking this sheer nude one piece which is interestingly unique if I must say.

If you look closely, you’ll see a kind of bra attached to the swimsuit which doesn’t just protect the nips, but also makes it a bit edgy.

I personally hope to see more swimsuits like this.

So there you have it swimwear ideas for the last days of summer, or rather, just the beginning for us.


Photography by Iju Asonibe
Hair by Austine Ahafa

Makeup by Joanne Sani of Zaron Cosmetics

Location- Renaissance Hotel, GRA

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