Okay, people. I think it’s time we stopped with the beautiful-shoes-abuse. Seriously, it’s getting out of hand. I have seen too many beautiful works of art get treated like crap by their owners. From bruised soles to scraped edges, these poor footwears have endured a life much too hard for any beautiful shoes.


Shoes care is an important beauty factor that goes frequently unnoticed and often neglected. It breaks my heart honestly to see a good pair of heels, flats, wedges or sneakers fall into a state of despair, their once radiant glory reduced to an eyesore. One common reason (and the biggest in my opinion) is that these shoes are being taken to places that aren’t kind to them. I get it, some shoes are so beautiful you want to show them off to the world at any turn. However, for certain particularly amazing shoes, not just anywhere will do.


These creations deserve to be rocked at places worthy of them. They deserve to strut down the flooors of beautiful places. They deserve to catwlka and show off. They do not deserve to be bruised, stepped on without mercy and be subjected to all manner of abuse all the name of getting your money’s worth.


So please, i implore you, take your beautiful shoes to beautiful places.

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