Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Hoops, Chandeliers, geometric..there is so much variety in earring designs. One very interesting one is tassel earrings. Tassels are decorations that are generally used with curtains and tablecloths. Back in the day, tassels were all the range and gave (and still give) spaces a regal feel. These designs have now been incorporated into jewelry designs and when paired with the right outfit can be absolutely stunning. Take a peek at some ways to wear tassel earrings.


  • Classic Tassels: You can’t really go wrong with simple, classic tassel earrings.


  • Double tassels: What’s better than one tassel? Two! Go bold with double tassel earrings.




  • Layered Tassels: Want to go all out? Layered tassels are it! A combination of two or more tassels layered over each other, it doesn’t get wilder than this.


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