Temple Muse launched the new Grey Projects Collection last Saturday.

Grey Projects celebrated Ibadan Women style heritage in an eclectic 2018 Spring/Summer collection hosted last Saturday in Temple Muse.

The brand showcased its collection a week after International Women’s Day and created a trendsetting dialogue which put women at the front row of Grey’s style liberation.

Grey’s stylistic performance dazzled Temple Muse clients at the prestigious event which was one of a kind stylistic performance!

Socialites like Bez, Falana, Bubu Ogisi, Denola Grey, Zara Okpara, Karen Koshoni were some of the many Temple Muse advocates to join the Ibadan Women revelation.

Inspired by 1960’s modern Ibadan Women, Grey’s Spring/Summer style conjugates colours, patterns and transparency in a very eclectic collection which put the spotlight on high-waist skirts, see-through blouses, sophisticated camisoles and below the knees 60’s styled dresses.

Rukky Ladoja, Grey Projects Women collections designer claims that ‘the Ibadan Women style celebrates female versatility in balancing softness with strength, dynamic curves with subtle patterns and rounded shoulders with straight body lines’.

Temple Muse showcased a unique fashion story: the retail store walls were covered with pictures reminiscent of Grey’s fashion journey from inception until today.

Saeon, Nigerian rap performer set the tone with melodious vibes which seduced guests in attendance.

Once again, the ‘Poisonous Frog’ motif is revisited across the collection in a variety of tones and fabrics. The ready-to-wear line is versatile at its core as the designs fit day and night wardrobe essentials. While the Ibadan Women Collection embodies women constantly evolving contrasts, it also stands as a witness of an Époque of emancipation when social values shifted from conservatism to African ‘feminist’ (R)evolution.

As a stylistic symphony, the Ibadan Women collection superposes unusual but classy fabrics such as PVC, organza and silk. The collection echoes a palette of contrasts, balancing touches of light, darkness and transparency. The Avant-Garde looks bring us back to a fashion Époque when traditions embraced sweet modernity flavours.

The collection resonates with Temple Muse trendsetting mission! Mr. Avinash Wadhwani, Temple Muse CEO, highlights ‘the importance for Nigeria women to take pride in forward-thinking but classy fashion statements in combining high-waste pocket belts, underlining ‘frou-frou’ and colorblocked blouses’.

The partnership between Grey and Taje gave birth to a minimalist sandals line which invites women to aim for comfort and lightness.

Belvedere crowned the Temple Muse fashion story with bittersweet drops of Grey Goose dashed stirred vodka cocktails while contemporary Ibadan Women Muses incarnated by Zina Anumudu, Ozzy Etomi, Titi Fowora paved their way across the retail store luxury displays.

Our Must-Have style recommendation goes to the Sheer Plum Mesh Blouse available at Temple Muse.

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