Image: Cover art for “For Broken Ears”


In the past week, Singer, Songwriter and Producer, Tems has kept us on our toes, brimming with excitement, all thanks to the release of her second single of the year, Damages and the announcement and tracklist reveal of her debut EP, For Broken Ears which is set to be out tomorrow. 

Damages, the single off the six-track EP which is accompanied by an interlude, finds the artist delving into the world of Dancehall by way of a Spax produced beat, as she sings about being over a relationship and leaving a lover who’s still trying to hold on to her while having failed to realise her value all along.

The visuals of the song, directed by Ademola Falomo, who Tems previously joined forces with to create the video for her 2019 hit single, Try Me, opens with a shot of a group of women at the poolside of a building, providing the segue into a scene of the star of the show, Tems, delivering the words of the song and walking through the party with the fiery energy we’ve come to expect from her ever since Try Me came onto our radar. Plus, it’s a party full of stunning women living it up – something we definitely love to see.



The video premiere then transitions into a live listening of Tems’ EP. “I feel like a lot of people think that they know me and they don’t know all of me and I really wanted to share all of me in its entirety” says Tems, on why she named the EP, “For Broken Ears” and what it’s about.

“I called it For Broken Ears because I really want this to be something that you listen to… This EP is so that I can get you to pay attention and also, so that hopefully, you could be healed by it and maybe see music differently and listen to music differently.”

Perhaps the most memorable moment during the listening party is when the EP’s interlude, Temilade Interlude is played and we get to hear her mum talk about how her name came to be, after which Tems explains that her full name, “Temilade” means “the crown is mine”. 

Having listened to Tems’ music over the past few years, we can probably all attest to the fact that it’s a befitting name for the artist who’s shown us through her music that the crown is indeed hers, something she further confirmed tonight. And if you missed the live listening, trust us when we say that you’re sure to be moved, with your spirits enlivened as you listen to For Broken Ears tomorrow.

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