Beauty, brains, and business acumen, ADAMA INDIMI is one of Nigeria’s finest talents. Born to a Nigerian father and a Chadian mother, she is adding drama to the Beauty business scene with the launch of her lash line, Reign by Adama. RACHEAL ABIRIBA caught up with her.

My childhood was fun, activity-filled; outdoors climbing trees, swimming, riding bikes and roller blading. Always surrounded by family and travelling from country to country.

I would describe myself as determined. #CantStopWontStop

I am passionate about self-discovery.

I believe everyone should constantly be on a path of growth, ever conscious of the fact that everyone has a calling.

Beauty to me is whatever makes you feel good. It’s limitless and very much in the eye of the beholder.

My all-time favourite beauty products always revolve around hair. Lashes, brow kits and edge control. I mean, it’s not only men that are affected by facial hair aka #BeardGangThang, Hair around the face can make or break you.

My beauty routine is simple and straight to the point. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Now if you guys ask me about my hair routine, we’d be here forever.

I can’t do without ear cotton buds, I’m the “rolling eyes back because its hitting the spot” type of girl!

I have a weakness for freshly made French Fries. #Nom

I would describe myself as a detective. My mind is always spotting what’s out of place and I low-key believe

I should have studied criminology.

My style is feminine. When I shop for clothes or browse for styles to sew, the outfit vibe should speak elegance, chic and femininity.

My style icon is Jessica Pearson from the series Suits! One thing she’s taught me is, it’s not always down to what you wear, it’s also how you carry it.

My go-to makeup item, natural lashes all day every day. And of course

My go to lash brand,

My favourite colour is GOLD. Is that a considered a colour? Anyway, gold all the way.

Doing business in Nigeria has been difficult but the best teacher. I feel like once you master business in Nigeria, you can master business anywhere.

Successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria are so resilient, they’ve conquered the ability to adapt. Our economy is ever changing and one must learn to adjust if one intends on succeeding.

I am motivated by positive impact. Everything works out in the end when your intentions are good.

The most valuable advice I have ever received is “think positive, attract positive.” You manifest whatever you focus on and the only thing you can control in this life are your thoughts. Make them happy ones.

Social media has influenced the beauty industry in so many ways. A major aspect I personally felt was the emergence of the social media influencer. I’ve noticed an increase in the active perusal of beauty brands in endorsement of their products.
stay focused on your purpose, but don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

My pet peeves are chewing with your mouth open. I have misophonia. (Laughs!) [Also] inauthenticity and a whiner/complainer.

I let off steam by going plant shopping in Idu. If you know me, you know I love nature.

My favourite holiday destination is Paris. Waking up at Plaza Athenee and experiencing the best pastries ever!

I wish I could be a child again so I can go back to being the original me, the ‘me’ before society told me who to be. To be honest, that’s my role model!