Well it’s no surprise that the ankara traditional wear as swept the nation.

It was originally intended for the Indonesian market but found a more enthusiastic market in West Africa, where it became symbols of traditional and high quality fashion. From West Africa, this fabric spread to other parts of Africa and all over the world.

A lot of renowned celebrities have also taken to this fashion trend. Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Fergie and Kim Kardashian to name a few, have adopted the Ankara fabric and have been spotted in daring designs using one or more fabrics. The rise on the trend isn’t restricted to celebrities alone. A lot of foreigners who have seen the designs at work, on TV or even at school have joined the movement. It is not uncommon to find people wearing the fabric who may not even know the traditional name. The fabric is commonly referred to in these circles as “African Print”.

Image result for celebrities in ankara

The overnight explosion of the use of Ankara fabric on the global fashion scene is perhaps one of the most notable fashion trends to have emerged from Africa over the last couple of years.

But now we see designers taking this fabric and using it on runways. Like Stella McCartney at fashion week who got a lot of backlash for taking the cultural fabric and not acknowledging. She had only one woman of colour walk the run way.

We are proud and excited to see the traditional attire swipe the nation, bu let’s not forget to be inclusive.

Drifting from my point. The Ankara trend is definitely not dying any time soon people. We see so many different designs and styles being made using it as the fabric of choice.

Image result for ankara designs

Image result for ankara designs

Shake it up and pair them with a pair of jeans

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We even see it being used for wedding dresses

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We even use them to make bikinis

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And the kids are getting in on the action

Image result for children wearing ankara

Image result for children wearing ankara

So tell us, What’s your go-to ankara style?

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