Mo Abudu welcomed us into her luxe apartment looking nowhere near 53. Isn’t age just a perspective afterall? Ah! We can’t forget her stunning look in that red embroidered Oscar de la Renta gown on her 50th birthday…the plunging decolletage, the up-do, the dinner!

A decade earlier Genevieve Magazine had covered her 40th birthday party as
well. Is it a coincidence that Mo is on our September issue, which is her
birth month?

Sporting a navy blue jogging suit MO ushered us into her cosy home office.
She was busy trying to access an urgent file with very little luck. “I am
sorry, I will soon be all yours as soon as I sort this out. It’s our 4th
anniversary (EBONY LIFE TV and the Premiere of FIFTY, THE SERIES) in 24
hours and this document has to be sent back now.” She apologised. Finally,
the important file is sent and she nodded in our direction.

Mo is no stranger to Genevieve Magazine. “This is my 4th cover” she
reminded us as we counted the covers: “ The first was after the opening of
Protea Oak Wood Park, the second was Genevieve’s 5th Anniversary, where we
had about 10 amazing women on our cover, then there was the first Pink Ball
cover with breast cancer awareness ambassadors and now here we are for the
september issue. You can read an excerpt from the interview below.

Mo of Africa or Oprah of Africa?

We need to look at where it started from; CNN started it. And this is
because the Western world always needs to relate it back to something that
they find comparable because if not they can’t measure it. For instance,
when we did Fifty, some said it was like Waiting to Exhale, when we did the
Wedding Party, some said it was like My Big Fat Greek Wedding… Whatever
you want to say, people want to put it into context and that’s how Oprah of
Africa was coined.

You always wanted to meet Oprah!

Yes. In a way, it’s a good thing that I didn’t meet her then because if I
had met Oprah, it would seem like, “But for Oprah” but all I say now is
“But for God and all the other people who believed in me.” That said,

How did you go from being an HR consultant to becoming this
media/entertainment powerhouse? When did you realise you wanted to do this?

It wasn’t really entertainment in that regard, it was more about speaking
up. It started with Moments with Mo. It was all about the voice. There is a
kind of connection between standing in front of people to train them on
leadership, application skills and all the likes. I went to sleep one day
and woke up in the middle of the night and got writing about “Inspire
Africa.” That was the name of the company that I had at the time (story for
another day). I wrote about Africa needing a voice, a platform of
self-expression. I realised we needed a show where people could talk. My
first guest was Professor Wole Soyinka who had to ride on a bike to meet up
with the time and that was the second time I was going to be interviewing

*For the full interview, be sure ot get your copy from your local vendor or
anywhere magazines are sold. *

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