Saturdays are for weddings!

Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful and gorgeous bridesmaids’ dresses are these days, it wasn’t always like this, the dresses used to be puffy, pink and totally unflattering.

Dresses that one would relinquish to the back of the closet after one wear and never to see the light of day again, over the past ten years the dresses have evolved from being the old fashioned “one dress fits all idea to a more style-conscious option where each bridesmaid shops for a dress that fits both her personal style and budget.


More brides now realize that one style doesn’t necessarily look good on all women. They want their girls to look sexy, comfortable and cool, so we are seeing high slits in gowns, sheer panels, illusion necks and backless dresses.

Bridesmaid dresses have come full circle, with brides encouraging their ’maids to look like they are getting hitched too.

Now, bridesmaids might wear daring necklines, backless gowns, vibrant colours and patterns, plenty of sparkle and yes, even white which was forbidden at some point.

In our part of town we can all agree that the bridesmaid dresses aka Asoebi game is on a whole new level, it’s like everyone wants to be on the best dressed list and the brides encourage this which is a good thing and a giant step in the right direction. Our local designers now have opportunities to showcase their prowess via the figure flattering Asoebi styles they create for their clients.

Image result for aso ebi bridesmaids

Image result for aso ebi bridesmaids

The evolved bridesmaid dresses are here to stay and we are all over it. So if you are going to be a bridesmaid soon, well you’ve got to bring it but of course on a budget.

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