At one end of Awolowo road, shielded from the madness, soundproofed against the soundtrack of angry drivers honking their horns, angry pedestrians claiming right of way and the chaos of trying to get from point A to to point B on a busy weekday, lies a haven in the form of The Waterside, Ikoyi at the Westwood Hotel. Here, you are provided with pristine white furniture, countered by playful and brightly coloured cushions.

You are blessed with a view of the Lagos lagoon from every angle, provided courtesy of the floor to ceiling glass walls. For even more privacy and quiet (and teasing such board games as chess and Ayo for those who might be that way inclined), is the Meeting Room. A smaller space within the bar. This is the perfect place for all those who value peace, quiet and class over the madness of Awolowo road.

Do try:

The Bellini– because things are made infinitely better by the addition of Champagne.

The Strawberry Daiquri– the sweetest and pinkest daiquri on this side of town!

Pina Colada– because no matter where you are, the Waterside will make you feel like you’re on holiday with their take on the colada!

The Food Platter! Don’t ask questions, just do it!

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