Another day, Another story.

I have a dedication to go to a general hospital  in Lagos once every month to help pay a person’s bill that can’t afford it.

This very day I went to the Gbagada General Hospital. Walking in insight a woman with 5 children crying on the phone to someone. The moment I saw her drop the call, I walk up to her and Ask, “Madam, Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?” – I couldn’t ask her if anything was wrong because it was obvious that something was. She turned to me and said, “Other than helping me get my husband help, there’s nothing you can do.”. At that point, I wanted to turn around and go about my business but something in my heart kept nudging at me ‘Ask her to tell you what is going on and see if you can help’. I looked at her again and moved closer, “Please tell me what is wrong, Let me try and help you”. After severally minuted of persuading her went by, she finally said, “My husband is here. He almost killed him self. He locked himself in a room and after one hour that he hadn’t come out, I got concerned and managed to get the door down”. “There he was, laying on the floor. Lifeless.”, She added. ”and now we are here”.


That’s all I could think to myself. I then asked her, “Why did he try to kill himself?”. She then handed me a letter and in it, it said,

To my beautiful wife,

Ajoke. You are everything to me. You have been in my life since we were kids and now you have been my life partner.

I have hid a secret from you for over 8 years. I struggled with myself to talk to you about it everyday but I could not bring myself to do so. I felt weak. I felt lost. After losing my job, I felt like I let you down. I couldn’t pay their school fees anymore. I couldn’t spoil you the way you deserved. I couldn’t be the husband you married. Everything kept going from bad to worse and I could not fold. I was the man of the house, I needed to be strong.

But I couldn’t. Today I lost the last bit of hope in me because I watched to beg friends for loans. I could not bear the pain. I do this because I want you to find love again. I want you to have a man that will give you the word. Someone that will take you to the Effiel Tower to have lunch. Someone that will take you Camel riding in Dubai. Someone that will take you shopping in Harrods. Someone that will send out kids to the best schools around the world.

I felt like I couldn’t give that to you anymore. I lost everything and nothing was working out anymore. You kept telling me to pray and keep working but I can’t anymore. I hear the chatters of your mother and friends telling you to leave me so you don’t die in poverty. Thank you for not giving up on be no matter what but I can’t live like this anymore.

I’m sorry for the pain I’m about to cause you. I’m sorry I was not man enough to live through these struggles. I’m sorry for leaving you alone. I’m sorry. I will lay in my grave hoping that one day you will forgive me.

– Love Always, Seun

I teared up reading that. I couldn’t help myself. I immediately ask for her husband’s bills to be placed under my name. And I turned to her, she kept thanking me but in her eyes I saw a Look I recognise ‘What Next?’. She had no clue what to do. I asked her again, “Tell me. What else can I do?”. She said to me, “I don’t know what to do. What if he does it again? What if he tries to end his life again?

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