Nail care is the most important part of the manicure and pedicure process. What’s the point of having good looking nails when the nails themselves aren’t healthy? The process of nail care involves a lot of things, including the removal of dead skin around the nails. And for good reason, too. Dead, built-up skin easily harbors a lot of germs and is just downright unsightly. There are a lot of ways to remove dead skin: pumice stones, foot scrubs, and scrapping tools. One of the more unconventional (and controversial) ways is the fish pedicure.


What is the fish pedicure, you ask? Well, the fish pedicure is a pedicure done with the use of the garra rufa fish. The garra rufa fish, or doctor fish as they are commonly called, are a special breed of fish from the middle east that feeds on dead skin. Yes, you heard that right. Dead skin. These fish are put in a footbath and the customer then inserts their foot and the fish (usually 100 at a time) nibble on the dead skin. Does that sound uncomfortable or painful? It isn’t! The fish have no teeth- they suck and nibble on the skin so there’s no chance of getting bitten. Most people who have the procedure done also report that the process is initially ticklish but is quite soothing as a whole. Tthe process is often reported to make the feet very soft.  But don’t take our word for it, take a peek in the video below:



This process is however highly controversial with some states and countries even banning the pedicure another. Would you get the fish pedicure done? Let us know!

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