The father-daughter bond is indeed a beautiful one. Many women say they want a man ‘like my father’ and during a wedding, the father-daughter dance is one of the most tear-jerking moments. Developing that bond from the onset can be quiet the experience. One of the best ways to build and strengthen this bond is though father-daughter dates.

Father-daughter dates are outings exclusively between a man and his little girl. A ‘date’ of sorts. Not only is the concept absolutely adorable, but has a wealth of benefits for both father and child.


Firstly, it creates fond memories for the daughter. Few things help a girl grow up with self-confidence and a sense of self-worth like a loving relationship with her father. It also gives her a healthy example of how a woman in a relationship should be treated. It establishes a pattern of being treated with respect and love. It also emphasizes a friendship between father and daughter that goes beyond the traditional father-daughter relationship. Too often we reduce the role of a father to simply a provider, neglecting the role of a nurturer and friend. What then happens is that the girl grows up without a connection to her father and once the role of a provider is fulfilled, there is no foundation for a loving relationship in her adult life. This is where things like father-daughter dates come in.

There are many places a father-daughter duo can go for a date. One of the most loved by little girls is a trip to an ice-cream parlor. A simple lunch date is also in order and so is a walk in the park, an amusement park visit, and a movie showing.


Mothers should make it a point of duty to encourage father-daughter dates and fathers should strive to create a loving bond with their daughters. Trust us; she will thank you for it.

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