Finding love is never easy, especially if you have some set standards that you require in a partner. And as Valentine’s Day draws closer, the desire to love and be loved gets stronger in us all, thus making it more difficult for singles to find those who genuinely will love them forever. But have no fear, if you are ready to brace the storm and step out of your comfort zone, you may just yet find love in the last place you
ever thought to look.

On a Group Expedition
It’s encouraging to see how much our curiosity about our homeland grows with each day. So much so that now there are tour groups set up to explore all that Nigeria has to offer. Embarking on a group
tour with strangers will be a great way for you to find people with similar interests as you. And who knows, maybe even the love of your life.

At the Market
Food lovers gather round!If you see a cute man or lady, a quick look into their shopping bags can tell you a lot about the person’s taste. Interested in the person? Smile, strike an interesting conversation or exchange recipes (or numbers), but remember not to be pushy, too friendly, or in their face. You never know where it might lead you!

At the doctor’s office
As weird as it may be to flirt with someone
at the doctor’s office since you have no idea what health issues brought them there, a hospital might be one of the best places to
find love because all guards are down already and the conversation may flow easily. Just don’t lead with,“so, what areyou in for?”

At the Dry Cleaners
Choose to drop off and pick up your laundry by yourself instead of having the laundry agency do that for you. Who knows, you might be lucky to run into a great guy who just came to pick up his favourite blazer on his way to visit his mother.

At a Bank
We all hate standing in long lines at the bank, but the long wait gives you ample time to spark conversation with the person standing in front or next to you. Your shared distaste for the drama brewing in the line may lead to a couple of laughs and a number exchange.

At a Funeral
Now, stay with me on this. Despite how creepy this sounds, a funeral can be a good place to find love thanks to the vulnerable effect that funeral services and processions have on people.

At a Strip Club
Although this might not be a great ‘How We Met’ story to tell your kids and other people who ask, it might be a great place meet a great guy who only accompanied his friends for a Bachelor’s Eve celebration.
Ultimately, finding love is not a quest. The
important thing is to keep an open mind and not write someone off based on the manner in which you were first acquainted. The real happiness comes after you’ve met, and once you’re close to someone, the introduction doesn’t even matter. Unless, like I mentioned earlier, the introduction venue does not make for a fascinating ‘How We Met’ story.

-Racheal Abiriba

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