We often take for granted the gift of speech, forgetting everything is done through communication. Every relationship we have is by communicating. Take a second to imagine a life without communication with other people. We express ourselves through our words even with action. Everyone has had a point in their lives where words have either uplifted you or discouraged you from being a better version of yourself, holding you back from something great.

This is not just about religion; it is about our daily activities. Words are not just thrown out and taken back; they are assimilated and affect us emotionally, mentally and even physically, believe it or not. We underestimate what we say, thinking “they are just words.” Our brains are very active. Research shows that we think 70,000 thoughts in a day on average. Now imagine how much good would be done if 90% of those thoughts were positive. Negative thoughts become negative words, which translate into our actions.

It has become far too common for people to use their words negatively and see nothing wrong with it; Parents to their children, Teachers to their students, Employers to their employees. Imagine a small lit fire in a forest, it spreads into a wildfire and burns everything down. That is exactly what the word of the tongue can do if not used positively. In a place of work where people are being told her worthless they are every day, it begins to manifest. Imagine changing that to positive affirmations, I could do wonders. Many people are obliged to voice out every passing thought or feeling they have. They then begin to randomly dump the contents of their mind with no regard to the gravity of what they are saying. People, do not forget there is such a thing as speaking things into existence.

People, our words have the ability to manipulate our very our being and those around us. Let us learn to encourage and inspire one another rather than destroy and downcast one another. Words bring death or they can bring life. We must support our words, facial expressions, body language and actions with awareness. We have a choice. Use your words wisely.

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