The fastest way to give your skin a moist and radiant glow is with the use of a facial oil. With this growing knowledge, the popularity of using facial oils increases day by day. With consistent use of an oil on the face you achieve reparation of damaged moisture barrier and bringing the skin back to its healthier state. However, oils have their guideline of usage following a muilti-step, at-home routine which a lot of women have gotten wrong and gives them a presumption that oil is bad for the skin. In no time, we will be looking at how oils work and the right time to use it to achieve optimal skin health.

1) Gaining knowledge of the oil: You can generally find oils in most cosmetic products and recently, these oils are now being made in concentrated forms (cleansing oils, cleansing balms, etc) to be used as treatment products. But, what you need to understand is that whatever product being used (cleanser, toner, lotion, masks, etc) have their own molecular weights which makes you experience how light or heavy they feel on the skin and know how many layers within the skin surface they will penetrate as well as for what type of skin (oily, dry, sensitive, mature) they is best suited for.

After gaining this knowledge you need to also learn the correct layering of products (what type of product to be used first and last). Have it in mind that the thinnest product always comes before the thickest, which also should be from the smallest molecule to the largest molecule. The idea is that anything with a small molecule such as a water based toner or serum, has the ability to pass the membranes to get into the skin the farthest. Larger molecular weighted products such as your facial oils do not have such ability and so serve the purpose of a sealant (locking up the moisture gotten from the smaller molecular weighted product). This allows the oil to give the skin the proper protection defense from external stressors and allow everything that was applied before it to stay within the skin.
Where it gets confusing is that some companies market their facial oil blends are serums which leads consumers to thinking they are moisturizers and apply it either alone of before other products. In this case, you need to reverse your application. After cleansing, toning, using a serum (water based) and moisturizer (usually a light weighted lotion) you can then apply your facial oil on top.

2) Knowing how to apply facial oil for what skin type: A facial oil is the last step in a skincare routine but knowing how to apply a facial oil will help you achieve the most benefit of the oil. For dry skin types, massage a considerable amount of the oil over your moisturizer. For combination and normal skin types, patting the oil over your moisturizer is more suitable as these skin types have their own in-built and for those who are acne-prone, patting allows the oil to stay on top of the skin so only your moisturizer truly comes in contact with the pores.

So with this new knowledge gained, apply these methods correctly and enjoy the moist radiant glow without having a tiny feeling of causing breakouts.

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