The harmattan is here and for me, that’s not a good thing as far as my skin is concerned. I suffered from severe skin irritation in junior secondary school and it resulted to scaly dry skin on my legs so you can imagine how terrible it is for me during the harmattan.

Bet, this year, I am balling and ready for the devil!!! (hehe) and I’m here to spill all the juice on all I will be doing and what I will beusing. Ready?

1.)   Water: You just rolled your eyes right? Every skinthusiast talks about water and it seems too overrated I know…urgghh. But trust me, it’s not even overrated one bit! The air is dry as the humidity level has dropped drastically and if you must escape the harshness of the dry weather, you must stay hydrated; it’s the surest way to still keep that healthy glow. Make sure you drink MORE water and take a cold or lukewarm bath as often as possible; try as much to stay away from hot baths, they strip your skin of oils and you don’t want to dry out your skin. On days when I am not wearing makeup, I personally like to carry a mini spray bottle with only water around to rehydrate my skin when it feels dry. You also want to take lots of fruits and veggies that have a robust deposit of water like cucumber and watermelon.

2.)    Moisturize: It is super important to moisturize your skin and lip. You don’t want to go around looking ashy as a ghost. Nooo! Concentrate on using moisturizers that are rich in natural butters and oils. My personal faves are the Afro By Nature “All Pure Butter” and R and R luxury body oil, there is this divine balance they seem to give; my skin soaks in all the moisture without leaving a greasy film. Here’s how to make sure you get the best out of your moisturizers during the harmattan; make sure you moisturize immediately after your shower when your body is still very wet so you can trap the moisture (water). Ensure to always keep hand cream in your purse just in case a stubborn part of your skin wants to play you. I’m currently enjoying he shea moisture African Water Mint Shea butter lip balm with Opuntia extract; it has mint and is just so calming and refreshing. 

3.)    Exfoliate: Many of us tend to ditch our scrubs during the harmattan but have you ever wondered how the much needed moisture will get into your skin with those dead skin cells in the way? One way to scrub and not dry your skin out is to make a DIY sugar and honey scrub. I however found a better way out with the flawless herbal scrub. It is made with cane sugar, smells amazing and the way it manages to leave my skin soft and moisturized is honestly surreal. 

4.)    Hydrating Masks: Switch your favourite deep cleansing masks to hydrating and moisturizing masks and if you still need the deep cleansing ones, use them occasionally. Remember, the goal is to retain as much moisture in your skin. One hydrating mask I am absolutely loving now is the Shea Moisture Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Milk Mask. I absolutely love how moisturized my face is after use.

5.)    Protect: You still need your sunscreen please, its hot out there during the day and still sunny so you don’t need to ditch your sunscreen. You also need to be careful about the fabrics you wear. If at all you want to layer, please keep the softer fabrics near your skin so your skin can still breathe.

6.)    Time to swap your cleansers too! I’m switching from my glycolic acid cleanser to rosewater because its moisturizing and it balances my skin. I may be tempted to use my glycolic acid toner on some days lol but I’ll be sure to minimize my use drastically.

I hope you found this really helpful. What new thing will you be doing or what will you be doing more of now that you have read this? Share with me, I would love to know.




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