Many are the questions that boggle the mind of an adult male, some of these silent questions sounds repugnant if whispered aloud, yet they are significantly true in the scheme of things.

Naturally, when a man sets to sojourn on his woman’s mammary glands for the purpose of pleasure or reproduction depending on which situation is required, there is a unique sensation. This sensation is said to be unique because it sends unnamed waves down the spine of the unsuspecting woman.

Funny huh! I don’t think it is. The funny question during this special session is why the reaction turns out different when a baby is suckling. Many would invariably argue that there is an element of confusion in this assertion but the reality is that the woman folk have a lot of explanations to give to us.

I have taken my time to observe the facial expression of nursing mothers when breastfeeding, and I don’t see that cloud nine reaction or that subtle ringtone men love to savour. You didn’t hear it from me oooo.

But wait o, let me educate us a bit; the gelatin secretion from the tongue of an adult male, which is not available for babies, is responsible for the sensation and pleasure that the woman feels. The gelatin stimulates and increase the blood flow through the nipples and areola, sending impulse to the brain via the lobules. This biological-mechanical combo results in untold pleasure. Understood?

Now the room is deafening quiet!!!

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