Happy World Afro Day!!

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In honor of #WorldAfroDay – Yes people World Afro Day is a thing, we are sharing the most annoying things us women with afros are tired of hearing on a daily.

“Can I Touch Your Hair?”

I still don’t understand the fascination with afros. Don’t get me wrong, we have beautiful unique hair that you’d definitely admire but why do you want to touch it?

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Like Solange sang, “Don’t touch my hair, when it’s the feelings i wear”. Its not okay people! We are not dogs looking for head rubs.


“You should straighten your hair”

My hair being an Afro is not a bad thing. Everyone has different hairstyles and i choose to have my natural afro in the wind like no ones watching. We’ve seen situations where men talk about not wanting a woman with her natural afro saying, “It’s too rough”. C’mon people, Why can’t we just love out natural selves?

And to the women who keep strutting their stuff with there afros, You Go Girl – Do You!


“Your hair is so short”

Okay people.

Yes there are beautiful ladies out there rocking their short mini afros but there are many ladies with voluminous afros with the length reaching their waist. Don’t make the mistake of thinking my hair is short because it is shrunk.

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“Your hair is so tough”


Anyone not taking care of their hair properly will end up with tough hair regardless of the texture. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Afro hair is so tough. We have baby soft hair, still doesn’t mean you should touch it.

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“You can’t style your afro”


When are we going to learn people. There are so many ways to style our natural hair including a beautiful natural afro. Let’s stop with the stereotypes!

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So to all my melanin beauties out their in the worldĀ HAPPY WORLD AFRO DAY!!

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