Every year, without fail, and despite knowing ahead of time what the last Sunday of March signifies, some of us find ourselves in the same predicament: What should I get my mum for Mother’s Day? How do I show my love Admittedly, it’s quite easy to get stuck. What do you give the woman who’s given you so much? So this year, why not try a different approach? Ask yourself, If I were a mother, what would I want for Mother’s Day? What would make me feel special?

By Racheal Abiriba

If you’re stuck too, here are three things most mums would love for you to do, on their special day but also beyond it:

Quality Time

If you are all grown up and living in a different house, State, or Country from your mother, a gift she might love more than that bouquet of flowers, a cakes or perfume, is you. Gift her with a surprise visit. You will both love it.

Offer To Help

If your mum juggles a career with being a mother, wife, grandmother, friend, and everything in between, chances are, she’s tired and would appreciate a restful break even if for just a day. This Mother’s Day, relieve mum of her usual to-do’s by making it your responsibility. Help her catch up on something or work.

Write a Heartfelt Letter

Poems and letters are not meant for just your significant other. Ever heard the phrase ‘something homemade means more than something bought’? Hearing how you feel about her might be the best present. Honour your mum with your words this Mother’s Day.

Get Her A Meaningful Gift

Whether it’s a special piece of jewellery she’s had her eye on or her favourite snacks, a thoughtful gift reminds your mum of how well you know her and that you’re thinking of her. What does your mom love? Be creative. So yes, Mother’s Day is a day specially dedicated to the very special women in our lives, but how about we find ways to offer these gifts more than once a year? Think about how you can hit one or all of these four Rs – giving her the gift of re-visitation, relief and reassurance, and showing her you remembered. Sometimes, even just because.

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