On the 12th of October ,The G-Team got to have a beauty day with the Make-Up Artist Estèe Lauders & Tom Ford Beauty SA, Siya Sikhakhane and it was amazing. Getting your makeup done while having a glass of champagne is nothing shot of amazing. We got to talk to the man himself and he gave us a few tips and tricks:

What got you inspire to get into Makeup?

Uhmm. What inspires me about basically my job and what i do everyday is the feeling and the smile you see when we’ve assisted the client to be more confident and feel more beautiful. When they say the words, “I’m happy”. That’s the best feeling ever.

You are the Regional Makeup artist for Make-Up Artist Estèe Lauders & Tom Ford Beauty SA, Why the Company?

Estee Lauder is an amazing brand with all the essentials you need. From the different types of products to the variety of people being catered to. I love it because it is so prestige.

What is the most rewarding and the most challenging part of your job?

Well, Rewarding definitely has to be being able to transform and educate someone about the beauty world. More challenging will have to be not being able to get personal time of your own because you have to work to help beautiful women but i still see it as a blessing. I love it.

The world of Makeup artistry has exploded over the last few years. How do you see people coming out as Makeup artist without the proper credentials or experience?

It is interesting. First of all, you obviously become a Makeup artist because you can do Makeup but you doing you’re personal makeup doesn’t exactly count. You should be able to be diverse and do different skin tones, face shapes and people.

What do you think is the most important part of your face when getting your makeup done?

I feel the best feature will always be the skin. You can’t do anything without the skin looking flawless

What are your tips for flawless skin?

My number one tip will definitely be being on point with your skincare and then you PRIME. Don’t underestimate what a good primer can do

What is your favourite Makeup product of all time?


That will definitely have to be the Estee Lauder Double wear foundation because it stays on the entire day and i’s oil controlling and also buildable. I mean, who doesn’t deserve beautiful skin through out the day?

What qualifies someone to be a Makeup artist?

Definitely having the Skill!! The right mind set is a bonus as well because a lot of times people get called makeup artists because of the skill but i feel we should have the right persona where people know you and can talk to you. I believe that’s a true makeup artist.

What advice will you give any Makeup enthusiast striving to achieve what you have?

Ok *sigh

That’s a tough one. My advice to all Makeup artist or enthusiast is to always remember that the only way to win is to know your client.

Hey Everyone, My name is Siya and my advice to everyone is to always think of yourself as someone who needs to tell a story and what story do you tell just by the artistry of the face. Are you happy? Are you excited ? Are you alive ? and how can you make other people feel just by being yourself.

Always Strive For Happiness

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