You know that awful feeling you get on Sundays when you remember that the next day is Monday, you set a number of alarms to ensure that you wake up early, you remember how annoying the traffic gets on Monday mornings and that makes your heartbeat do an extra jump, let’s not forget that annoying cafeteria food you will have to eat for lunch just to get through the day. Urgghhh… Why do Mondays have to be this way?

Actually, Mondays are not any different. We are the ones who make our Mondays miserable. Why not simply choose to make them lovely? Here are a few ideas to start the week off right, to actually make you look forward to Mondays.

  • Get out of bed earlier.

I love doing this! I have done this so much, my body automatically wakes me up before 4:30 am. Give yourself some extra time to get out of bed, linger in those comfy PJ’s, slowly catch up on your email, read a magazine, Or slowly prepare for work. It will make a huge difference in your mental clarity once it’s time to get to work.

  • Make it a party as soon as your alarm goes off.

Jam out. Put your favorite songs on rotation. Dancing while you prepare will help take some of the tension and dread of the day slip away.

  • Plan a date with friends on Monday night.

After-work cocktails, gallery openings, movie nights, and dance classes aren’t reserved for the weekend. Planning something fun at the beginning of your week will help the workday go faster.

  • Wear something new or just dress up.

If you need a pick-me-up, wear something you love. If you’re already feeling sluggish, dressing sloppily will only make you feel worse. Use Monday as an excuse to wear some of your ‘closet orphans’ — those cute things you bought but never seem to wear. Make a point of working them into an outfit. I have a friend who does this and she always has a smile for everyone every Monday morning.

  • Take small breaks throughout the day.

It’s not always easy to transition back from your fun, do-nothing weekend to meetings and piles of emails. Give yourself a few breaks during the day. Take a walk during your lunch break, close the office door and do a few yoga stretches, pop into a new coffee shop and pick up lattes for your co-workers on your coffee break.

  • Plan a real, actual meal for lunch.

None of this ‘eating a pie at your desk’ business! Actually, leave the office for lunch and try out a new restaurant in your neighborhood. If that’s not possible, pack yourself a nice, substantial, real lunch and then eat it off real, actual plates, at a table (not at your desk, while looking at Facebook).

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