So, you have got travel plans for the weekend. You want to rest, have fun, and possibly take great pictures for Instagram but you are thinking about how you only have your smartphone and no extra budget for a good camera. Like always, we have got your back. We consulted Iju Asonibe of New Jerusalem Creations, a professional Photographer based in Lagos, for tips to help you take great photos with your phone like a professional photographer.


“Shooting with my phone is a lot more versatile because it allows me to experiment with more angles as I can turn the phone any way I want it.” – Iju Asonibe.


  • Whether or not I use High Dynamic Range (HDR) depends on the images I want. Use HDR when you want to get wide shots, or shoot at night in low light situations.


  • Don’t be afraid to turn the phone around to any angle. Play with your angles. Phones are light enough to turn around and get any angle you want.


  • Note that when shooting with your phone, you have to be steadier than when shooting with a camera to avoid blurs. Don’t shake so much.


  • Play around with the settings on your camera settings. I like to shoot without changing many settings and then edit them later, you can take advantage of the different settings your camera comes with.


  • Composition is key. You can be shooting with your camera and be in control of what gets into your shot. With a phone, you should be extra careful about composition so that you don’t shoot wide.


  • Don’t forget post production. You can edit your photos with Snapseed or Lightroom for mobile. There are a lot of mobile photo editing applications that you can explore but stay away from low quality photo editors because they will make your photos look cheap and unprofessional.


Can you believe that all these pictures were taken with a smartphone? Amazing!!

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