It’s Halloween time again! This means scary movies, costumes and all things horror and gore. Horror as a genre has stuck its claws into every form of the arts, from movies to art to even songs. Yes, songs. Many scary tunes have been recorded over the years that send chills down people’s spines and set the tone for a proper scare-fest. To get yourself in that Halloween mood, here are some of the best spookiest songs.

  1. Trust the queen of weird to give us a spooky tune for the ages. Bloody Mary was released back in 2011 and could easily feature in the climactic of a horror movie. Laced in groans and screams in between bone-chilling lyrics, this song is a must at any Halloween party.


2. Somebody’s watching me by Rockwell: this song gives off major stalker vibes and gives the sense of being followed and watched which is one of the key elements in good horror. A fun way to make use of the song would be to have it be played over your home sound system just near the hallways. Your visitors will be sure to get the idea.

3. Ghost/Haunted by Beyoncé: off her self-titled album, this song gives off both sexy an scary vibes at the same time. This means that it can be worked in the scary direction if desired.

4. Disturbia by Rihanna: admit it, you were a bit spooked by the video when it came out. The song itself sounds like the soundtrack a haunted house ride complete with a torture chamber. It’s unashamedly creepy and doesn’t hold back. It’s a true pop-horror fest.


5. Thriller by Michael Jackson: from the song itself with the creepy background sounds and an ominous poem recited by Horror legend Vincent Price to the iconic video that gave children nightmares for years, Thriller us undoubtedly the greatest spooky song of them all. It tends to bring back a sense of nostalgia as well as that all-too-familiar sense of unease at that creepy laugh the end.

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