Back in the day, the only makeup we used to use were from foreign brands like Revlon, Maybelline, and Mac. But in recent times, we have recorded the growth of indigenous Nigerian brands and we are here for the growth.

From House Of Tara to Kilienma, we have got them all lined up for you. Enjoy.

  • House Of Tara

Owned by Tara Fela-Durotoye, House Of Tara is not only the first Nigerian makeup brand, it is also one of the most popular makeup brands in both Nigeria and Africa. With products from powders, eye shadows, lipsticks and glosses, pencils, blushes, and more.

  • Zaron Cosmetics

After launching in Nigeria in 2011, Zaron Cosmetics has grown to be one of the most popular makeup brands with products from foundations and powders, to lipsticks and more.

  • BMPro Makeup

11 years after its launch, BMPro Makeup has not stopped amazing us with their creative products such as their eye brow glitter. They also have other products for face, eyes and lips.

  • Taos Cosmetics

One of the fastest growing Nigerian makeup brands, Taos Cosmetics has a number of products such as eye shadows, matte and mettalic lip creams, glow kit, and more.

  • Hegai And Esther

Although this brand has been in existence for a while with just an eye brow cream, they added more products last year with the launch of products such as foundation, powder, eye shadows, and more.

  • Yanga Beauty

Yanga Beauty launched last year with a range of matte and metallic lip creams, and their famous product, the Browlution.

  • Elsas Pro

Despite launching in 2016, Elsas Pro is an indeginous makeup brand that boasts of products such as foundations, powders, eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, and more.

  • Blot Cosmetics

Blot Cosmetics launched in 2016 with brow gels, mascaras, mattifiers, and lip products.

  • Kayge Cosmetics

Kayge Cosmetics is an indigenous makeup brand that has created its niche and stuck to it by creating only lip products.

  • Kuddy Cosmetics

Kuddy Cosmetics is one of the few indigenous makeup brands that makes foundations, powders, lip and hair products.

  • Kilienma

Kilienma is an indigenous makeup brand owned by two sisters with wholly handmade products made from natural, toxic-chemical free products for people interest in knowing what they put on their skin.

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2 thoughts on “Top Nigerian Makeup Brands

  1. Amanda says:

    This list is on point. Although aren’t you missing Nuban?

  2. Busayo says:

    wao, great minds think alike, most of the brands mentioned here are my absolute favorite. Nigerian Makeup industry has really grown and they are definitely making the country proud.
    I also have a similar post on my blog I wrote about top Nigerian makeup brands I also mention my favorite product from each brand.

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