Getting the perfect father’s day gift can be a little daunting. Not to worry, Yves Rocher has got you covered with the best gift selections for your dad.

Here are top 5 picks he would surely love!

1. Yves Rocher Amber noir, Cuir Vetiver and Comme Une Evidence Gift Sets

These gift sets are a top choice for Father’s day. They comprise of resolutely masculine fragrances coupled with shower Gels with fine and creamy foam, that will leave Dad’s body and hair pleasantly scented.

2. Yves Rocher Anti-aging Serum, After Shave Balm and Exfoliating Facial Gel

They make an excellent choice for many Dads out there who struggle to maintain wrinkle free skin, that’s deeply cleansed and smooth after shaving; thereby making them a great pick for dads.

3. Les Plasirs Nature Bourbon Vanilla Body Lotion and Exfoliating Shower Gel
This is another superb gift dad can enjoy daily as this body care range offers softness and gentleness to the skin in delicious fruity scents. They are made for the pleasure of the senses and well-being of the body.

4. Yves Rocher Polishing Foot Scrub and Nourishing Foot Cream

At the end of the day, daddy’s feet needs the best care possible! So if you want daddy to have baby feet, exfoliate and nourish them with these Yves Rocher products rich in Lavender oil.

5. Oriental Shower Oil, Moroccan Clay mask for Face and Hair, Oriental Velvety Skin Scrub and Nourishing Argan Balm

Help dad create his own little SPA at home! Choose these body care treats with organic moroccan argan oil, the Tradition de Hammam from Yves Rocher. The smell is exotic and they leave the skin soft & smooth.

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