In this new travel column, we will be living vicariously through the many adventures of some of our favourite public figures. This month we turn our attention to OAP,
Events Host and social media influencer, Kaylah Oniwo, a burgeoning explorer, on her travels through Istanbul, the Bahamas, New York and more. In her words.

I have always wanted to travel the world but
the green passport and exchange rate always had a way of impeding this desire of mine.  I’m gradually overcoming the challenges; picking up my bags and living the jet set life. I’m going to take you on a quick journey to some of my favourite pictures from some of the cities I have visited.


The Dere Sokak is a tourist attraction in Şişli. A lot of people gather here to watch the boats and ships go by and take pictures
as well. I loved the atmosphere, the feel of the wind affectionately sweeping through my hair! At almost every corner you will
find the roasted and boiled corn, it’s called Misir and it’s super delicious. Imagine eating canned sweet corn straight from the cob.
Visit Istanbul, visit the Grand Bazaar! One of the top tourist attractions in Turkey, home to
an array of local spices, sweets, jewelry, clothes, souvenirs and many more. The pedestrian traffic here is unbelievable but
you can get amazing deals here, especially if your bargaining skills are top notch.

London, United Kingdom

The architectural edifice of the British Museum ceiling caught my cameras attention in this shot. I looked up and that was it, click, snap, save!

Accra, Ghana

The Jamestown Lighthouse in Accra is a must-visit for any first timers. It’s a 28-metre structure originally built in the 1930s, replacing an earlier lighthouse that had been built in 1871. It consists of a stone tower with lantern and gallery, attached to a keeper’s house. There is a fishing harbour next to the Lighthouse that also holds memories of the slave trade but also memories of the fishermen at work, fending
for themselves and their families.


How are you going to visit NYC without the strut along Times Square? There goes your answer, that’s me all fashioned out in my
taxi-inspired top? I have a few tips, take a good photographer that knows your angles and strut when the pedestrian lights are on.
Food exploration is my thing; well at least to a certain extent. I tried out some Vietnamese food at a Vietnamese restaurant called Obao in NYC. This meal is called the Pad See Lew and it was worth it. Tip: Always have a budget as giving tips is mandatory.


Whilst on the boat taking me from my cruise ship to the islands of the Bahamas, I couldn’t help but immerse myself in the breathtaking scenery of the sea. The water was so clear! I had to capture this image!

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