The New Hairstyle Trending: Beaded Braids

Summer 2017 is already looking  hair-amazing. The newest thread has now been braids adorned with beads and cowries and black women have been adorning their hair in these decorative baubles for centuries and there seems to be no stopping them.

Beyonce debuted this look earlier this year and precious baby Blue  got in on the action.

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If you are considering a unique hairstyle this summer, you can draw inspiration from the collection we have put together for you.

  • Colour-Pop: An highlighted effect adorned with beads. Try this and see if heads won’t turn as you walk on the streets.

  • Who says short braids should be boring? Solange Knowles sure knows how to rock one.

Temi Abudu giving us major rockstar vibe with her beaded bangs.

  • Long braids aren’t left out as well
  • Fringe braids giving a majestic look

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  • Have fun mixing and matching different shaped beads to your liking.

Even the children are jumping on this too

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Photo Credit: @yagazieemezi/instagram, @kersti.pitre/instagram, @nton_/instagram, @tedabudu

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