Nails have gone beyond being just part of the body. And grooming them has gone beyond just personal hygiene. Nails are now regarded as part of our outfit, like an accessory. And we can’t say no to that reasoning because, whether you are shaking hands at a business meeting or elegantly holding your Champagne flute at that dinner date with the boo, your nails, like your clothes, tell a story about you. And like everything in fashion, nails have their own trends.

One of the biggest trends for nails right now is the ‘Chrome Nails’ trend. Those glittery babies at the ends of our fingers that reminds us of how much we love our inanimate best friend, Diamonds. We have compiled some of our best nails spotting the trend and we are sharing them to inspire your glitter dreams.

We know you love the as much as we do. Go on, book those nail appointments. And don’t forget to tag us on your chrome nails pictures on Instagram. Who knows? We could share yours.

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