If there is one thing that I am, it is a minimalist in every way. But unlike me, I have been bitten by the ‘trends bug’ of layered frills in my outfit and I’m here for it. Can you blame me? Just one look at the assortments of skirts, dresses and pants sporting this latest trend and I can’t stop myself from dreaming about the amazing different ways I will style all the fabulous pieces. That yellow Fashpa dress on Stephanie Coker while she vacationed at Mykonos? Hmmm…the dream of any fashion addict. I have put together a few of my favourite and I dare you not to catch the ‘layered frills fever’!


Coloured Gingham Prints + Layered Frills

Zii Studio matched some of the biggest trends this season on this design and made them in skirts and pants options. Now how am i supposed to pick one piece?


Mermaid Tail + Layered Frills

These bridesmaid dresses by Tubo are so fresh and trendy. I like! I like!!


White + Layered Frills

Ovem kept it clean with this pair of white pants. Now, all i need is an all-white party.


Statement Sleeves + Layered Frills

Talk about some asoebi inspiration right here from Stylist Jbolin. Especially for those family events where I have to remind them that I am always ‘popping’. The downside is it will attract the attention of those Aunties that are always reminding me to get myself a husband so that they can come and eat my party Jollof. Not sure i am ready for their pep talk now.


The Ultimate High-Low Top + Layered Frills

 Stylist JBolin killed this look! Need i say more?

Now you know what’s trending, it is time to #PepperThem.


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