Picture this: you’re about to go on a one-week break, but in the excitement of it all, while packing, you realise that you have one box already full and a second on the horizon. Then you ask yourself, “What exactly did I pack?”. Don’t panic! There are tricks that can help you stick to the one-box rule with enough space for all your essentials.

#1 Think one box
Think of this as a way of budgeting. Tell yourself you have just one box. Most airlines permit their passengers to have one piece of hand luggage and one small item on board both not weighing more than 11kg for carry-on and not more than a cumulative 23kg when checked in. This baggage allowance can vary from airline to airline. Even buses are beginning to implement some form of baggage allowance to discourage travellers from having baggage more than their vehicles can handle without causing other passengers discomfort. So, you could constrain, by rule of thumb, to telling yourself you have just one bag!

You do not need numerous shirts, underwear, or jeans for a one-week, even a two-week vacation. Streamline what you plan on packing to only the important items that you really can’t leave behind for the trip.

A simple white shirt can do a lot more than you think. A dress can be worn in different ways to create a whole different look each time. Wear one piece in different ways while on vacation. This will go a long way in reducing the amount of clothes you have to pack.

It is a real hassle having to fold clothes and find out that you have only folded five clothing items and half of the box has been covered. There are easy ways of folding your clothes that will allow for space and will in turn cut down on your luggage.


Opt for shades rather than multiple caps or hats, which take up space.

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