When most people think of tutu skirts, they tend to think of the ballet. This is partially true, as most tutu skirts are used by ballerinas.
This item of clothing, however, has been adopted by a number of fashionistas into daily life. It’s one of those items that can either look absolutely amazing or cartoonish depending on how it is worn and paired with other items.

• Keep it simple on top. Tutu skirts are very full and have a lot going on, so it’s best to have a plain top paired with it. This prevents the look being overwhelming and gives the skirt a chance to shine.



• Pull your hair back. Seeing as the skirt has its roots in the ballet, many people who sport it tend to follow the traditional look of all their hair pulled back. Just like the simple top idea, this is meant to avoid taking attention away from the skirt.



• Bold shoes. While everything else in the look is typically kept simple, your shoes are one thing that is allowed to be bold, preferably in an eye-catching color to complete the look.



While tutu skirts are indeed away ten unconventional clothing item, they can be worked into your wardrobe without looking silly.


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