The idea of a perfect holiday destination is often filled with mental pictures of walks down the beach, beautiful sunsets, shopping, exploring foreign cuisines, and lots of other luxury experiences. What if we told you that you could experience all of these in the beautiful city of Lagos?
Lagosians are constantly on the look out for fun activities especially during the Christmas holidays. In Lagos, the Christmas season in itself is a tourist attraction! We notice the city is transformed with decorative lights, music, carnivals, non-stop radio Christmas jingles, the seemingly unending concerts and events! Ever wonder why the population increases in Lagos around this period? Certainly because there is so much to do!
With the average person craving a variety of events or restaurants to enjoy, there is so little time this season. The effort involved in moving from one point of activity to the other could definitely wear anyone out, especially with the bouts of traffic that worsen over the holidays. It makes one wish that all the fun experiences they love are under one roof.
For the first time in Lagos, the usual Christmas experiences have changed. It’s more than just concerts, shows and festivals, or music and dancing. Say hello to luxury fun experiences! Twinwaters, a luxury entertainment centre spanning 5 floors of premium experiences from arcade gaming, fine dining, a unique cinematic experience, shopping and so much more; has been tastefully finished, with its door open wide to everyone this Christmas.
Besides Twinwaters being the ultimate tourist attraction this Christmas, one thing to also note is the Centre’s power in uniting friends, families, colleagues and even strangers with its diverse experiences. It boasts of two fine dining restaurants – 788 On The Sea and Chai Tang, a cinema, Rufus & Bee, the biggest and only first-rate gaming arcade in the country, The View, a rooftop bar with scenic views of the ocean and a classy events hall called The Maradiva, which comprises five modern event suites. These various unique experiences allow for the perfect family and team bonding activities, which ties to the joy of Christmas. From children to adults, Twinwaters appeals to every demographic whilst showcasing the true elements of Lagos as a metropolitan city where different people with different interests unite in one location.
So be it a scenic view of the beautiful sunsets at the beach, exploring foreign delicious cuisines, premium arcade gaming and an array of other luxury experiences, look no further this holiday. Twinwaters is the perfect holiday destination this Christmas right here in Lagos.
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