About the author

Shulamite Ezechi is the founder of an international NGO known as ANYiSO based in UK, where she is the CEO running multiple projects, seminars, workshops and conferences focused on women and young people.

Shulamite through personal experiences and passion for driving change, has served and still serves in multiple capacities in various human rights groups to make impacts through her voice. She is an author, a community leader and a mentor to many young people, men, and women.
Shulamite is married and blessed with children.

About the book

Life is a multi-faceted journey, filled with highs and lows. It is inexorable that most of us will encounter self-discovery only after we reach one of these lows. The sheer misery one faces during these turbulent periods draws one towards self-examination, and an inescapable desire to be more.

This book focuses on one of those lows pertinent to me and my experiences. Going on a journey of self-discovery borne out of a very unsettled time in my life is a story that is worth sharing. This journey has taken me through to the other side, and whilst still growing, I have found myself, my calling, and my true potential.

My hope is that this book creates energy and determination in you that will drive you into your own self-discovery journey pushing you to experience and live out your true potential.

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