It’s quite surprising how there seem to be one big celebration or the other every single month of the year. After basking on the euphoria of seeing the New Year last month, everyone seem to be gearing up for another special celebration in the second month of the year already. Although, the one in anticipation doesn’t call for any public holidays or restriction of movement, but rather it’s one that has the combined element of class and bliss.

One is beginning to doubt the outcome of this year’s celebration after it was announced by the Roman Catholic Church that Ash Wednesday (which marks the beginning of lent) will be held on the 14th of February. Many haven’t taken this well as we saw last week that parishioners of a church in the diocese of Birmingham, Alabama have asked that ash Wednesday be postponed. Is this a coincidence or is the holy church trying to prevent something?

Valentine’s Day romantic dinner

Facts have shown that there is usually a moral downturn on Valentine’s Day. Heartbreaks, nudity, rape, fornication and all sorts of immoral acts are on the high especially on Valentine’s Day. Many have even downplayed the significance of this day or maybe they really don’t know the history and facts behind Valentine’s Day celebration.

However, there are many decisions of the church that actually questions their motive this year. One of it is the shocking fact that Easter falls on the 1st of April (April Fools Day). Now back to the subject of discourse, a clearer picture of this decision is beginning to unravel itself. Just like the decision of Christianity to move Christian worship from the Sabbath (Saturday) to Sunday (a day for the pagan worship of the sun god)., there is every possibility that the church is trying to right a wrong. This could be a correctional decision rather than a spiteful one. We never can tell!

Ash Wednesday

But in all, Valentine’s Day is worth the wait. Love is obviously important and integral to our everyday existence. We should show love, breathe love, teach love and build love; it also marks a special homecoming for the most important of the commandments. Nonetheless, we are gearing up for a double celebration this year and two principal seasons coming face to face.

Who would win this battle? The church? The people? We’ll see about that.

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