If there is a better time for women to stand up and stake a claim in the political sphere of Nigeria, that time is now. While participating in activities to mark this year’s Women’s day celebration, Hear word !international organized a press soirée to echo the voice of women in arts.
While addressing press men in Ikoyi, veteran actress Joke Silva revealed that the Project is aimed at echoing the voice of women and have a political undertone from conception. “If we had followed the trajectory of our history, we would have had a female president, a female governor. But due to part of our history of colonialism and what colonialism brought to our traditional colonial space, where our women who were politically aware; we think of the Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti who drove the Alaake off his throne because of some task they didn’t understand; the Aba women’s riot; queen Amina was incredible as a lawyer; and then you have queen Idia of Benin. I mean you had all these women who occupied the political space. From my understanding of Hear Word!, the message is it’s political statement; we are “A” political, we would critique whatever the politics of any political party, especially as it affects women”.

Veteran actress, Joke Silva addressing Newsmen

While answering various questions from newsmen, the various casts of the group narrated their experience during their recent tour to Havard University in the USA, explaining how the international audience swiftly related to the message being conveyed, raising the total number of shows they had to 19. Although the harsh winter was a major challenge.

The Hear Word! team

The project Hear Word! targets real life issues affecting the lives of women which limits their potential for independence, leadership and decision making. The concept of the show ultimately delivers an intimate view into the lives of women from all corners of Nigeria while crossing different economic levels.

The team will be off to New York in a few days where they’ll be performing for the United Nations general assembly.

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