As a Nigerian, daring to be yourself -unique, Other, weird – is a brave undertaking in a place that prides itself on still being  very much rooted in traditionalism and religiosity. What this means is that, if a person doesn’t quite fit into the box that has been allocated to them by Society, they are deemed problematic. What happens when, despite all that, you commit to your full self? Well, then you’re like Wavy the Creator -singer/songwriter/photographer/filmmaker/ designer. Raised in the States, a chance meeting with Nigerian afrobeats star, Olamide, led to her flying out for a meeting in Lagos. The plan was to come in for a spell and head back. That was about two years ago. In that time, she somehow stumbled upon a music career and has built a steady following of fans including one Naomi Campbell.

The self-proclaimed Nigerian Alien, possesses that very belief in self that a lot of latter-year Millennials and Gen Z-ers seem to have in excess. We talked over the phone about the desire to never conform, aliens, Michael Jackson and more. -SONIA IRABOR

What were you like as a child?

I was more of an introvert as a child. I was this reserved kid who was very creative. I loved drawing and I loved to create stuff.

And when did music enter the fray for you?

Like a year and a half ago; I just put out my first track about a year ago. I’ve been surrounded by music all my life, but I never had the urge to go into it. I didn’t even think I would be able to make music at any point in my life. It was just something that popped up.

What made that happen?

I think it was a year ago when I was recording my first track, but at that moment I didn’t believe so much in it. I was focusing on my fashion brand. When I recorded the track, it was cool but I think coming back to Nigeria gave me the push to want to pursue it. I was surrounded by music and working with other artists and then I ended up producing another track, so I felt that moment was right, I’m the kind of person that follows my instincts and energy.

Olamide invited you to Nigeria. You didn’t have this big idea of making a massive move to Nigeria to pursue a career in music. Did that somehow make it an easier decision for you to stay?

It gave me the inspiration to stay. I realised I was making more waves and connections here and it made sense to me. It made me want to remain here and do more and it has helped me so far.

Was there anything frightening about that decision?

Yes, the fact that I was coming to Nigeria was very frightening. It was nerve-wracking because I haven’t been to Nigeria in a long while and I didn’t know how receptive Nigeria was going to be [to
me]. So I was skeptical and even when I got here, I was still shaky about the situation but overtime you get to understand why things are a certain way.

You refer to yourself as a Nigerian Alien. So let’s talk aliens.

One of my favourite quotes from Astrophysicist, Neil Degrasse Tyson’s is, “It would be entirely selfish and narcissistic of humans to think that in the entire galaxy, we are the only ones.”

Do you believe that we are not alone?

Definitely. We have never been alone. The entire universe is made up of different energies coming together, operating on a higher frequency. This means us as humans ought to be conscious about a lot of things, but sadly we are not and I can relate that to a lot of distractions. We just need to tap into that energy and flow with it. When people ask me why I call myself the Nigerian Alien, I say that in a whole group of people, I have to make sure I’m the odd one out, to be different, because that is the only way you would notice me, or start up a conversation with me or be curious enough to ask me questions. I believe everyone is special in their own way and it is just for one to recognise it and use it for good.

It is an interesting way that you phrased that when you said ‘’you have to stand out.’’ Do you see it as a duty?

I don’t think it’s a duty to have to stand out but like I said, everyone is uniquely made and special. The problem is that everyone is trying to do the same thing. It is like something new comes out and
everyone wants to try it out. I’m different in that aspect because I always try to do the opposite. There is so much the world has to offer and if we are able to see it and expand our consciousness then we can see that we can all be special, we can all be aliens if we wanted to.

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