Anyone who has ever travelled through the Murtala Muhammed Airport, whether the local or international one, knows that it is not an experience to desire. And no matter what you have to do before you get on your flight, everyone can agree that getting through airport security FAST and without stress is one of their strongest desires. We’ve got tips on how to get through Airport security quickly and without stress.

  • Start early – This goes without saying, but people always fail at this part thanks to the infamous Lagos traffic. Whatever time your flight is set for, plan, taking into consideration the traffic, to get there at least 30 minutes before the time.
  • Have all the necessary documents (tickets and means of identification) out before you approach the security agents – From the minute you get to the Airport, hold your ticket and means of identification in your hand, or somewhere easy to reach. If you got your ticket online, save the page on your screen so that you can easily access it or scan it.
  • Know your route – Knowing your route to the appropriate check-in gate helps save you some time.

  • Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off – You are required to take of your shoes before going through the metal detectors and body scanners at MMA so wearing slip-on or shoes that don’t require laces are the perfect choice. If you have to wear shoes though, start taking them off before it’s your turn to get through the scanners or detectors.
  • Pack your hand luggage like a minimalist – No one feels good carrying around a heavy ‘hand luggage’. Especially after waiting long hours thanks to delayed flights. But if carrying heavy luggage is your plate of Jollof, then by all means do.
  • Pack your manicure set and metals in the luggage you will be checking in as against your hand luggage. This also goes without saying. Except you brought those items to give to the security agents, then carry them in your hand luggage and be delayed by the security agents for however long it takes for you to hand them over to the security agents.
  • Know how to interact with moody airport staff – Although they are meant to be respectful, understand that the Airport staff can be rude even though they are doing their job. Don’t let their attitude or rudeness get you angry. Handle yourself with all self-respect that you can muster at the moment. You can get their names and report to their supervisors later.
  • Take out your laptop from your bag before it goes through the conveyor – If your laptop is in your hand luggage (which I advice), take it out before putting it on the conveyor belt because large electronic devices must be placed in a different container than miscellaneous items like shoes, belts, wallets, etc.

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