I know, the title might come as a bit of a surprise. When you think of flowers in hair, you’d probably think of a fancy photo shoot or some other aesthetic-only purpose. But believe it or not, flowers can be worn in hair in the everyday and not look ridiculous or over the top. There are a variety of ways to wear flowers, some of which are detailed below:


  • Wear the flowers around the curve of your head like you would a band. This is particularly recommended if the flowers are the same color as your outfit.


  • Wear flowers as a crown: The popular Snapchat filter can be brought to life!


  • Wear them all over: Go all out! If your hair is very full, this works very well.


  • Go simple: If you don’t want to draw too much attention, use simple, small flowers at the side of your head.


  • Double up: Put your hair into puffy pigtails and put flowers in each puff.

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