Leather is one of the edgiest materials available. Wearing of leather has come to be associated with biker gangs, rebellion, and an overall cool aesthetic. Naturally, every fashionista out there has tried to experiment with the leather look, from pants to shirts to even dresses. It can be a complete head-turner and make anyone wearing it feel like the ultimate style queen.


One thing that is often not considered is how the leather look can be pulled off in Nigeria. Considering the fact that we live in the tropics, wearing a material like leather can be tricky and even uncomfortable.

However, leather can be worn in the Nigerian climate with a few tips.



The first tip is to wear it in the appropriate weather. While Nigeria is a tropical clime, it isn’t how 365 days a year. Seasons like the harmattan, the rainy season and periods of general coldness are the best times to break out your leather clothing. If worn during hotter periods, there is the tendency for you to sweat under your clothes.


Another tip for wearing leather is to apply a thin layer of powder on your skin before putting on the outfit, particularly if it is skin-tight. This will absorb any moisture caused by the lack of air on your skin.

It would also be wise to be cautious of what type of leather clothing you are putting on. If the weather is very hot, a long-sleeved leather shirt is probably not the best option. Rather than a full-on leather ensemble, consider wearing clothes with leather detailing rather than clothes that are all leather.

This gives you both the chic leather aesthetic as well as some comfort on top.


Regardless of our climate challenges, leather can and should be worn in Nigeria. With these simple tips, you too can be on your way to rocking your leather looks.


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