When we think of the classic wedding outfit, we tend to picture a woman in heels. For some reason, it’s a given that women are to wear heels on their wedding days. The classic bridal image is one of a bride in a tall pair of heels along with her flowing white dress, veil at all. It’s a glamorous look but not always the most practical look. Many women don’t like or can’t wear heels but power through on their wedding days. Some brides take the unconventional route and wear flat shoes to their weddings (some go barefoot, but that’s for another day).


The most common option is to wear ballet flats. A number of wedding designers have even released entire shoe lines of flat shoes for brides.




There’s also the option of wearing sandals. This is particularly nice if opting for a beach wedding. This is especially great if wearing a short wedding dress.




For the truly free-spirited bride, there is the option of wearing sneakers. Yes, sneakers. A number of brides over the years have opted to wear sneakers to walk down the aisle. And like ballet flats, Converse even released a line of bridal sneakers.


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