By now, it’s pretty much accepted that the traditional heels don’t necessarily have to be what you wear to your wedding. We’ve explored wedding sneakers, wedding sandals, and wedding flats, but probably the most carefree option a bride can go for in terms of footwear is to forego it all together and go barefoot.


The bohemian bride look has really taken off in the last few years and more and more brides are refusing to be confined to the ‘traditional look’ and so can you.

Going barefoot is an easy, effortless look, particularly if your wedding is taking place on a beach or a garden or an otherwise laid-back setting. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like anything high-maintenance, this is for you.


Regardless of your being barefoot, your feet can still look beautiful. Wedding pedicures incorporate pearls, stones, diamonds, and glitter to give your feet that extra something.

There is also the option of getting henna done on your feet. Elaborate, romantic designs can make your feet look as beautiful even outside shoes.


You can also choose to wear anklets, and toe rings to coordinate with your entire bridal look.



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